Fireworks Booth Fundraiser

We have exciting news… Girls Soccer has been chosen to have a fireworks booth alongside HBHS Music Guild this year.  Our booth will be located in the Ralphs shopping center at Garfield and Goldenwest. This is great news as it will help keep the amount we ask for as a donation low for years to come. It will also allow us to continue providing the best experiences for our girls.
  1. Running a fireworks booth takes A LOT of work and we are going to need EVERYONE to help out.
  2. We need each family to work 2 of the shifts below or provide 2 people for one time slot (anyone working the booth must be at least 18 years old) as we have to have 5-6 people there while the booth is open.  We also need to cover the booth overnight for 2 nights, if you sign up for an overnight then you don’t have to sign up for anything else.  Overnight consists of parking a car or RV (music guild is covering the other nights and is bringing an RV) and staying overnight. If you can do overnight but have to leave before the booth opens, let me know and we can work on someone sitting with the booth before opening. You will not need to do anything other than call the police if you see anything suspicious.
  3. If you would like to buyout of your shift(s) the cost is $45 per shift. This is not a requirement as we can’t require anyone to give their time or money, however, anyone willing to buy out of their shift will lessen the financial impact on the booster club.
  4. Just a reminder that all the money that comes into the booster club goes back into the program. This upcoming year we have some added expenses like shorts for the existing Varsity uniforms since we didn’t purchase them this year as well as a new set of backpacks. There are also some things that are on the wish list such as fixing the storage container.
  5. Sign-up Google Doc: